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Travel Blog - Truk

Posted by John J. Duggan on 3/5/2016
I had initially intended to do Egypt as my blog this month but, it seems as if most people would rather skip that as a destination right now. Since we have a trip to Truk Lagoon set up for early spring in 2017 I will cover some of the aspects of diving there...

On Technical Diving

Posted by Mike McHugh on 8/15/2015
Divers often ask me, "What is technical diving?" My usual response is, "diving outside of recreational limits", but it encompasses more than just that...

The Importance of the Buddy System

Posted by Daniel Minde on 6/6/2015
Throughout training in scuba diving the importance of diving with a reliable buddy has been a paramount component.  It is vital that when you are diving you have a QUALIFIED buddy to dive with who pushes you to achieve the next level...

How Training Saved My Life

Posted by Stephen Sunstrom on 5/30/2015
It's amazing how proper training can save your life and can help minimize the chances of accidents occurring. However even with amazing training you can still have an incident. Here's a great example...

Standard Hoses vs. MiFlex Hoses

Posted by Stephen Sunstrom on 5/9/2015
A great article on the standard rubber hoses of yesteryear compared to the MiFlex hoses of today.

Rebreather Training Experience

Posted by Stephen Sunstrom on 4/25/2015
Peace. Quiet. Solitude. Relaxation. FUN!!! These are all words that describe my activities last week. Let me explain...

Adaptive Diving First Hand

Posted by Orlando Gill Edited by Maria De Hoyos-Gill on 4/18/2015
A glance into adaptive diving.


Posted by John Duggan on 4/11/2015
Our trip down to Cozumel over Spring Break turned out fantastic! Great weather, diving, and people really can do wonders. For those of you interested in how the trip went please read on...

Divers and Continuing Education

Posted by Stephen Sunstrom on 4/4/2015
Reasons to stay current with training...


Posted by John Caron on 3/21/2015
I have been asked numerous times lately what the difference is between Neoprene and Trilamenate Drysuits so here's the breakdown...


Posted by John Duggan on 2/28/2015
There are numerous rules and recommendations we received when taking our beginning scuba diver course and in every course we have taken since then. How many do you remember and how many do you practice...

Facts Concerning Dive Training

Posted by John Duggan on 2/21/2015
I read many advertisements for scuba diving training with amusement. Many are to the point and accurate. Others seem to point out aspects that have nothing to do with training or are misleading. I will try to clarify some of these and their importance...

Equipment Maintenance 101

Posted by John Caron on 1/31/2015

Over the past few months I as a repair technician have noticed several things with customers gear as I have been repairing or doing annual checks that could have been easily prevented by simply doing preventive maintenance.I.E; Equipment Maintenance 101...

Oceanic Omega 3.0 Regulator Review

Posted by John J. Duggan on 5/3/2014
     This past weekend I took the new Oceanic Omega 3.0 regulator out to Balmorhea to give it a test run and get a feel for it. Here's what I found...

Balmorhea State Park Rebreather Class 2014

Posted by John J. Duggan on 5/2/2014
    On 21 April I started four people in academics on the Prism rebreather. The unusual part was I had a Prism Topaz, two Prism 2 (with Predator computer), and one Prism 2 with Petral and new heads up display. While many of the procedures are the same I had to do the Prism Topaz at an earlier date and then have a supplemental class on the Petral and new heads-up display...

Cursed Trip

Posted by John J. Duggan on 12/10/2013
I have been traveling all over the world on dive trips for over two decades with a minimum of problems. Last time I had a major one was in 1993. I thought that I had prepared for most possible occurrences until I had a trip with so many problems it still haunts me...

Diving Cancun

Posted by Tom Carnes on 8/31/2013
I am often asked about diving in the popular vacation destination of Cancun Mexico. Since this is not a normal destination for a hardcore dive enthusiast, I made the sacrifice, packed my dive gear and headed down to the beautiful beach resorts...

Prism 2 Review

Posted by John J. Duggan on 4/15/2013

The Prism 2 from Hollis is an updated version of the Prism Topaz, the renowned rebreather designed by Peter Ready of Steam Machines. It has become a Porsche from a Mercedes Sedan. The new unit is sleek, easy to assemble and connected to a Shearwater computer rather than an analog secondary. Let's go through the various aspects...


Posted by John J. Duggan on 3/29/2013

We went to Cozumel again this spring break, eleven of us total went there; nine divers and two non-divers. The five Borlands (John, Lynn, Lauren, Hanna, and Michael), Gary Wilson, and his grandson Parker were returnees from the 2011 trip. Bob Nixon, his wife Judy, and my wife Sandy were new. Judy and Sandy were the non-divers...

 Travel Blog - Truk
 On Technical Diving
 The Importance of the Buddy System
 How Training Saved My Life
 Standard Hoses vs. MiFlex Hoses
 Rebreather Training Experience
 Adaptive Diving First Hand
 Divers and Continuing Education

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