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Divers and Continuing Education

When people hear continuing education, most people think about their profession. Many people have professions requiring continuing or ongoing education and do not even bat an eye about expanding their profession horizons. However, when it comes to their hobbies, they resist or do not understand the importance of continuing education. This hobby that we have endeavored upon could end tragically if we do not remain current or continue our growth. A recent example of the need for continuing education; I was having a discussion with a friend who is a certified diver and we were discussing a situation that I had read about earlier in the day. The article stated that the diver had a stuck low pressure inflator and encountered an uncontrolled ascent. Just my description of the situation warranted my friend to turn ghostly white and asked “what would you do if that happened?” Without thinking about it, I described the fix action (disconnect the LP inflator). He stated the he wouldn’t know what to do and then began asking other “what-if” questions. As the discussion and questions continued, I realized the importance of continuing education, especially when it comes to our safety. The point here is not to guilt you into taking the next level diving class (although that’s a great idea, I know a great instructor). What I am trying to emphasize, is that you should be continually diving. The more dives and experience you have, the more likely you are to respond to an actual emergency without thinking about it. Additionally, following and reading the articles from sources like DAN and Scuba Diving Life will provide additional insight about dive accidents and how things went right or wrong and what could and should have been done differently. While taking classes, diving more and reading articles may not necessarily prevent an accident, you are more likely going to respond to the situation in an appropriate manner.

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