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Miflex vs Rubber Hoses

“Do you want to upgrade your purchase/repair and get MiFlex hoses for your regulators and gauges?” Have you been asked that question yet? If so, did you do upgrade? Do you know the difference? Well, if you haven’t been asked yet, hopefully, you will be asked that question in the near future. I would even recommend asking the question the next time you stop by the dive shop. I am sure we have all had that experience where the regulator hose just doesn’t bend the right way and the whole dive you have to bite harder to keep the reg in your mouth. Then storing the regulators, do they even fit in the bag properly? What kind of magic was used to get it in the bag in the first place? These are all problems that standard hoses encounter, however we no longer have to deal with these issues. MiFlex hoses are much more flexible then standard hoses. As an instructor, I have gotten the occasional opportunity to try some new thing. After trying the MiFlex hoses, I have MiFlex hoses on most, if not all, of my regulators. I can safely say that after trying MiFlex hoses, you will not want to ever see a standard hose again. These hoses are thinner, especially the HP hoses, which make streamlining much easier. And for those of you who are concerned about fashion even in the water, these will be right up your alley, there are countless colors to choose from. You can now have the hoses match the rest of your gear. For example, if you like blue, you should ask to see Stephanie’s blue regulator set. She has the blue MK25/S600 with blue hoses. I’m not really into fashion, as most of you probably know or you can ask my wife, but I have to admit the blue reg set is pretty cool. Additionally, these hoses come in various lengths, I have the 6” HP hoses for my Sidemount regs and a 7’ LP hose for my technical diving setup and many sizes in between. In my opinion, this is truly an exceptional product and one item for diving that you should definitely say “Yes, please upgrade my order and put the MiFlex hoses on.”

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