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About 30 of us went to Cozumel for Spring Break this March. We stayed at the San Sabor Sunscape Resort and did our diving with Dive House. We used two different airlines going down as there were not enough available seats on American. Twenty went on American and the rest of us went down on United. American had a later departure from Cozumel and an earlier arrival in San Antonio. The United flight had a 5 hour layover (became longer with delays) in Houston.

We arrived to warm sunny weather and it pretty well stayed that way all week. We had a few

isolated showers but that was it. The resort is an all-inclusive with five restaurants and numerous bars. Food, accommodations and service was excellent.

We arrived in two groups on Saturday and another small group on Sunday. After checking in (most rooms were not ready until normal check-in time of 3 PM) we went to the Dive Shop to show our diving cards and pay the marine park fee. The rest of the day was spent unpacking and relaxing.

The next day at 8 AM we headed for the dock. The boats now pick you up at a large dock at the next resort. Boats were usually there on time or shortly afterward. Due to the size of our group we had two boats. Some of us dove Nitrox, but the majority were using air since only two dives a day were the norm; with an occasional night dive. It was somewhat confusing on the first day (as usual), getting everyone’s tank, weights, and gear assembled as well as analyzing the Nitrox cylinders. Eventually we got on our way to the dive sites.